Railway Recruitment Board 100-Day Action Plan Full Details

Less than a month after coming back to power with an absolute majority, the Narendra Modi government has approved a ‘100 Days Action Plan’ of the Ministry of Railways. Approved by Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, the items in the action plan are to be execute by August 31. Also Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has approved "100 Days Action Plan" For Ongoing Recruitment Processer. The action plan are to be execute by same date August 31.

Breif Summery

A. Action plan for 100 days 

1. Filling up of safety category vacancies 

a. Level I recruitment completion and placement of candidates of CEN 2/2018 (Level-1 recruitment)- no of vacancies: 63,202.

b. Issue of Panel for ALP and Technician (CEN 01/2018) no of vacancies: 64,371 .
c. ALP fresh recruits' training starts in all Zones. 

d. Declaration of result of first stage of CBT for CEN 3/2018 (JEs). No of C. vacancies: 13,561 2. 

2. Holding of CBT for recruitment in para-medical categories (CEN 2/2019). No of vacancies: 1,937

3. Employees' career advancements 

a. Full implementation of 100% objective type selections in Railways for NG categories

b. Completion of APARS for 2018-19 and for earlier years (all Zonal Railways/PUs to complete)

c. GDCE holding of, where prescribed (Zonal Railways) d. Placement of Group 'A' indents to UPSC e. Sending of DPC proposals to UPSC from Gp 'B' to Gp 'A' empanelment.

4. Data management improvement 

a. Book of sanction in respect of Non-Gazetted staff

b. OIMS (officer Information Management System) to be implemented

c. Completion of data entry at pilot locations in HRMS for E-SR and Employee Master

5. Others 

a. Holding of Union recognition ballot and finalization of modalities

b. Opening of 5 new Kendriya Vidyalayas on IR sanctioned by MHRD

Railway Recruitment Board 100-Day Action

[Click Here For PDF##download##] RRB 100 Days Action Plan PDF
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